Development of a data interoperability system for use by AgMIP Regional Research Teams began in 2011 for the purpose of automating data provisioning for ensemble modeling activities. The AgMIP data interoperability system consists of the … Read More

Soil and Crop Rotation

Crop models have been extensively tested for yields, but their validation for soil water balance, and carbon and nitrogen cycling in agricultural systems has been limited. In this effort we will compare the results of different models … Read More


In this project of the uncertainty theme, we aim to identify promising approaches to crop model calibration, apply them to multiple models using a common data set and evaluate them. We will also consider how Read More

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are well recognized as important components of a healthy, balanced diet. However, meeting increased demand for these nutritious foods will be challenging for domestic production regions in the United States. California is the leading … Read More


The aim of the livestock group is to intercompare and further develop a range of models to be applied internationally, especially for climate change impact projections. The initial activities of the Livestock & Grasslands group were discussed during … Read More

Water Resources

Develop research that assesses the effects of climate change and variability on irrigated crops in the United States and throughout the world, as well as build collaborative opportunities to create a portfolio of research at the interface of water and agriculture … Read More


End-users, stakeholders, and the broader scientific community have made it clear that projected climate impacts are not helpful unless related uncertainties are described and assessed. For its assessment of future food security… Read More

Aggregation and Scaling

AgMIP research initiatives must overcome significant obstacles in scale dependence to link field-level crop models to regional and global economic models. AgMIP is developing and evaluating procedures to scale field-level outputs up to regional and country scales … Read More


The AgMIP ozone group initiated an activity to share information on the development of models capable of estimating the effect of ozone on crop growth and yield, and its interplay with other growth limiting factors. The activity brings together ozone-impact and crop-modelling … Read More

Pests and Diseases

Changes in climate and extreme events could have significant effects on agricultural pest and disease distribution and magnitudes and on the distribution of host species. In response to the need to include modeling … Read More