Frequently Asked Questions 

How can we access AgMIP results/outputs/data?

1. AgMIP Regional Research results can be accessed through the AgMIP Impacts Explorer, a visualization tool that allows users to interact with the results based on experience and expertise. AgMIP Regional Research Teams combine model simulations with expert knowledge to assess the vulnerability of these complex systems and test adaptations to improve farmers’ livelihoods.

2. Crop modeling teams for each given crop will make output simulations publicly available after the teams have the relevant papers accepted for publication, which in some cases, will extend beyond the first papers published because secondary papers are in process with part of the data. Published papers can be requested directly from the first author but AgMIP is not allowed to be a secondary distributor of full text pdf (at least not downloadable from AgMIP website). 

3. Data and results from the AgMIP Regional Integrated Assessments will be made available on the AgMIP Data Interchange at after the analyses are complete. Some teams may withhold release of their datasets until after publication of the results in a journal article.  In that case, the metadata will be viewable, but data held for a period of one year. 

4. Crop model simulation outputs from AgMIP’s Global Gridded Crop Model Intercomparison are publicly available, for access please contact Jonas Jägermeyr (

How can I contribute software and make it available so that it can be used by AgMIP researchers?

AgMIP maintains a software “toolshed” at which contains some of the software applications for data translation and harmonization, climate data processing, and model output harmonization. We will continue to add to tools, utilities and applications to this toolshed and we welcome contributions from others. Please email if you would like to contribute.

How can I develop a data translator that converts AgMIP harmonized data to the format needed by my model. Where do I start?

We have held a series of Software Development Sprints, in which we work with crop model developers to create model-specific translators that can be added to the library of data translators used in AgMIP activities. Contact to find out more about these sprints.

How do I contribute to the AgMIP software library? Are there protocols for AgMIP software development?

Development protocols for AgMIP software projects are documented on the research site. AgMIP software projects are maintained on GitHub. Contact if you wish to contribute.

How do I participate in an AgMIP crop model intercomparison and improvement team on a given crop species?

Look at the website under crop modeling teams. If you see a crop of interest (such as wheat, maize, rice, potato, sugarcane), please directly contact one of the listed team-leaders for those crops. We are especially encouraging participation of model developers who wish to contribute with a new model to the intercomparisons or if you have new data to contribute toward model improvement. For crops not listed, there may be team planning in progress, in which case request additional information from Ken Boote, AgMIP Co-coordinator of Crop Modeling.

Who do I contact to gain training in use of a particular crop model or economic model?

Directly contact the particular crop model developers DSSAT or APSIM, or TOA Economic Model. Periodic training may be available with those groups.

How can I join efforts to conduct climate change impact assessments?

Contact :