AgMIP Impacts Explorer

Main Contact for Initiative

Sander Janssen and Alex Ruane

Brief description of activity

A new platform to share research findings from regional research teams and to build trust with regional stakeholders has been developed.

An AgMIP Impacts Explorer Walkthrough provides a quick video tour of  motivations, features and uses.

The AgMIP Impacts Explorer provides decision-makers with research findings in a more palatable format. Furthermore, it provides succinct information on how the research findings were developed. This format assists in contextualizing information for use in decision processes.

Overview of Participants

Leaders of Regional Integrated Assessments teams in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.  Data interoperability led by University of Florida and interface from Alterra/Wageningen.  Development from Columbia / NASA and Oregon State University.

Current Research Focus

Deploying more results from AgMIP Regional Integrated Assessments in Africa and South Asia, adding improved material to top level messages and sandbox mode for data exploration.  Developing additional overlays and presentation of results from other AgMIP initiatives.

Figure: Screenshot of Impacts Explorer with overview of results from Pakistan regional integrated assessments.