The AgMIP Gridded Crop Model Initiative (Ag-GRID)


Main contact(s) for Initiative:

Joshua Elliott and Christoph Müller


Brief description of activity:

AgGRIDwas formed around the Global Gridded Crop Model Intercomparison(GGCMI) which  was created in the forming process of ISIMIP. After ISIMIP’s fast track in 2012/13, GGCMI conducted a comprehensive historic evaluation phase and followed up with a large input-sensitivity analysis (phase2 ongoing). AgGRIDalso hosts regional and topic-specific gridded crop modeling activities and interacts with the ag econ team.


Overview of participants:

31 registered modeling groups from around the world, mainly Europe and North America.


Current research focus:

Phase2: large 5-dimensional input sensitivity analysis (CTNW-A) on CO2, Temperature, Nitrogen, Water and Adaptation


Reports or Papers submitted/published soon:

Müller: yield variability; Folberth: modeling frameworks; Schewe: heatwave; Wang: field warming vs. models; Wartenberger: AET; Wang: irrigation contribution


Recent noteworthy finding:

•Growing season adaptation can compensate substantial shares of warming damage
•Irrigation is often no fully-effective adaptation measure but only an intensification measure
•Response patterns of models vary across models and in space

•GGCMI side session on Monday 23.4. (all day)

•Present results of GGCMI phase 2


Prior updates:

Ag-GRID provides a central organizing hub for a new generation of gridded crop modeling activities within AgMIP. Ag-GRID leverages existing AgMIP strengths by bringing together AgMIP members from the climate, crop modeling, IT, economics, RAPs, scaling, and uncertainty teams to develop new initiatives for improving quality and access to gridded data, models, computing, and scenario development and coalesce the international community of large-scale gridded crop modelers around the most important topics at the interface of food and climate.

Ag-GRID is coordinated from the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory Computation Institute, the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City (the site of the AgMIP Coordination Office), and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. The Coordination Team is led by Joshua Elliott and Christoph Müller and welcomes questions, comments, requests, ideas, project proposals, or criticisms and can be contacted at


Ag-GRID Locations

The Ag-GRID collective includes gridded modeling groups and data providers from around the world.