Other Studies

Other Studies

Livestock and Grasslands Pilot
The aim of the livestock and grassland is to intercompare and further develop a range of models to be applied internationally, especially for climate change impact projections. The initial activities of the Livestock & Grasslands group were discussed during past AgMIP meetings (San Antonio, 2011 and Rome, 2012). The work will be divided into two sub-groups:

  Grassland & rangeland modeling (J.-F. Soussana & G. Bellocchi, leaders)

  Livestock modeling (Phil Thornton, leader)

Peanut/groundnut Pilot
The peanut/groundnut team will be led by Piara Singh (ICRISAT center) assisted by K. J. Boote. Participation of groundnut modelers is invited. An organizational meeting will be held in Sri Lanka in November 2012.

Sorghum-Millet Pilot
The sorghum-millet pilot and model improvement team is led by K. P. C. Rao and Sibiry Traore. This team will conduct model intercomparisons on sorghum, along with emphasis on model improvement for sorghum and millet. They had planning meetings in Accra in September and in Rome in October 2012 during which they discussed participating sorghum-millet models and sentinel sites.

Soybean Pilot
The soybean team will be led by Ken Boote and others. A preliminary organizational meeting was held in Ames, Iowa in September 2012. Participation of soybean modelers is invited.