Push and Pull

Coordinated Climate-Crop Modeling Project (C3MP)

C3MP aims to mobilize international crop modelers for a coordinated investigation of climate vulnerability and climate change impacts on agriculture. C3MP aims to improve understanding of the impact of climate change on future agricultural production by ... Read More

Regional Integrated Assessments (RIAs)

The main goal of AgMIP’s regional integrated assessment (RIA) methodology is to provide scientifically rigorous information to support improved decision-making by various stakeholders, ranging from local to national and international non-governmental and governmental … Read More

Impacts Explorer

A new platform to share research findings from regional research team research and to build trust with regional stakeholders was developed. The resulting AgMIP Impacts Explorer provides decision-makers with research findings in a more palatable format … Read More

Next Generation Models and Tools

The complexity of agricultural challenges facing the nation and the world are such that agricultural data stewardship and advanced tools are needed to enable sustainable production that can meet future national and international food, fiber, and bioenergy needs … Read More

Coordinated Global and Regional Assessments

The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) is organizing Coordinated Global and Regional Assessments (CGRA) of climate impacts on agriculture and food security. The CGRA utilizes the networks and findings of … Read More

Representative Agricultural Pathways (RAPs)

To enable a simulation framework with consistent climate, economics, and field-level assumptions across a range of scales, a cross-cutting activity is building on previous and current agricultural scenario development to create … Read More

Low Input Farming Systems

The main objective of this activity is to improve the predictive capacity of crop models under climate change in low soil fertility/low input cropping systems of the (sub)tropics. The specific objectives are to collate available data for crop growth model intercomparison and … Read More

Stakeholder Processes

The Guidelines for Engaging Stakeholders in Integrated Model Efforts provides guidelines for effective stakeholder engagement in integrated model assessment research projects. These valuable approaches for transforming scientic research from theory into action … Read More