Indo-Gangetic Basin


The Indo-Gangetic Basin is located across the northeastern border of India and includes portions of Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan. The region has seen increased variability in its monsoonal season along with more frequent extreme weather phenomena such as heat waves and intense rainfall. These anomalies can have major impacts on the agriculture industry in this part of the world. Assessing how climate change may play a role in continued seasonal variability going forward is important for future planning.

Phase 2 (2015-2017) applied simulation tools within major farming system ecologies of the central and eastern portions of the region. Through this, linkages between agricultural productivity and impending climate change were better understood. By engaging with stakeholders within the Indo-Gangetic Basin (IBG) region, the Team more accurately understood these linkages and their connections to livelihoods. From here, management and policy strategies were listed out to determine the effective responses to the region’s changing conditions.

The IGB Project expanded stakeholder dialogue during Phase 2. This resulted in meaningful and accurate integrated assessments. At the Meerut and Karnal sites, Phase 2 incorporated the simulation of more crops, while also integrating a livestock component. This integration provided a more in-depth assessment of these locations.

Throughout Phase 2, the IGB team developed stronger research capabilities and connections. In improving the breadth of crops and models used in the assessment, research capabilities of researchers across South Asia were strengthened.

The Team achieved its goals through various methodologies. The Team continued its focus on the economic models, farming systems, and development of RAPs within the region. They also evaluated historical and future climate analysis along with delivering harmonized data. In addition, the team ensured results and research were co-developed with stakeholders.

Indo-Gangetic Basin Team Members:

Nataraja Subash Lead PI
Harbir Singh Lead Economist
Gokul Paudel Economist
Mohar Singh Meena Stakeholder liaison
Sohan Vir Singh Livestock team
Balwinder Singh Crop Modeling
Abeed Hussain Chowdhury Geo-spatial analysis; Crop modeling
Rajendra Doraj Crop Modeling
Dinesh Tapa Economist; Nepal Stakeholder liaison
Kamrul Hassan Economist
Sohela Aktar Crop modeler
Gulam Hussain Crop modeler; Bangladesh stakeholder liaison