CO2, Temperature, Water, and Nitrogen Studies

Main Contact for Initiative

Ken Boote


Efforts will focus on the development of baseline data sources for North America to link with crop-climate models, sensitivity evaluations of models to changes in CO2, temperature, and water (CTW), and development of future scenarios. Development of the baseline analysis will include the identification of historical climate sets using co-located meteorological stations, nearest meteorological stations, and gap-filled meteorological time series. One of the linkages discussed was the use of raw GCM/RCM output as part of the statistical downscaling methods in order to provide future scenarios for the crop simulation models.

Goals for CTW (CO2, temperature, and water) model improvement activities

  1. Discuss the need for improving crop model performance based on CTW data.
  2. Determine best modelling approaches for predicting response to CO2, temperature, and water.
  3. Identify data available for testing and coordinate data sharing, model testing, and resulting papers.
  4. Develop teams, by crop, to share data, test and improve crop models.