Main Contact for Initiative

Davide Cammarano


Brief Description of Activity

AgMIP-barley aims to improve and apply crop models in climate change impact and adaptation assessments. In addition, it will look at how crop models can simulate barley quality since this is one of the most important aspect for barley.


Overview of Participants

Crop Modelers, Agronomists, and Breeders


Current Research Focus

Model Improvement & Application, Fertilizer and Water Interactions, and Effects of Management on Quality.


Reports or Papers Submitted/Published soon

The experiment currently in running is just being finalized.


Recent Noteworthy Finding

Given the high quality detailed dataset (gold standard) it will be possible to track water and N patterns in the soil and N uptake in the plants.

Preliminary results suggest that water was the main cause of yield reduction.

Further analysis on malting quality and grain N will allow to understand the dynamics of N uptake.