Main contacts for the initiative: 

Australia: Dr. Peter Thorburn


Brief description of the activity:

National Initiatives

  • Australia – World food supply

Region specific models – climate/ crop/ economic

  • Australia: APSIM

How integration of these initiatives with AgMIP

  • Identify missing links and possibilities
  • National level economic assessment models are missing (Regional/ subnational available)
  • AgMIP should build up another layer on Broader economy, policy, social safety net, changing trade policies
  • Australia – AgMIP – Virtual GroupCollaboration with ACIAR, SAARC, ASEAN and other groups


Overview of participants:

Represented by scientists India, Australia and China covering National (ICAR, TNAU, USDA/FAS) and International (ICRISAT, IFFRI, CSIRO, Univ. of YORK)



Australia: Huge climate variability – SCF to help them adjust / Mitigation is of primary interest of farmers – Carbon market and economics / Nutrition security – 80% of the produce is exported / World food supply – Expanding the cultivation in Northern Australia


Push Mechanism:

  • What pressing problems require scientific solution?
  • Single crop to cropping system analysis – developing local experiences to run the model
  • Expanding AgMIP activities to new crops
  • Extreme events – primary & Secondary impacts

Pull Mechanism:

  • What pressing problems require scientific solution?
  • Link with national economists and economic modellers who need the information coming from AgMIP to better understand the impacts of shocks on crops/ livelihoods, etc



Reports or Papers submitted/published soon:


Regional Assessment book chapters -2

Journal articles: 2 from IGB Austral: Mitigation in Australian range Farms