AgMIP Mission

The mission of AgMIP is to significantly improve agricultural models and scientific and technological capabilities for assessing impacts of climate variability and change and other driving forces on agriculture, food security, and poverty at local to global scales. To enable this mission, the goal is to create a next-generation knowledge platform for agricultural modeling worldwide.

Specific AgMIP objectives are to:

• Incorporate state-of-the-art climate, crop, and agricultural economic model improvements into coordinated regional and global assessments of future climate impacts.

• Perform multi-model integrated regional and global assessments of technology and policy options for increasing food security and adapting to current and future climate risks.

• Utilize multiple models, scenarios, locations, crops and participants to explore uncertainty in climate and agricultural productivity and the effects of data and methodological choices.

• Collaborate with regional experts in agronomy, soils, animal sciences, economics, and climate to build a strong basis for applied simulations addressing key climate-related questions.

• Improve the scientific and adaptive capacity in the major agricultural regions in the developing and developed world.

• Improve agricultural models based on their intercomparison and evaluation using high-quality regional and global datasets and best scientific practices, and document improvements for use in integrated assessments.

• Develop frameworks to identify and evaluate promising adaptation technologies and policies and to prioritize strategies.

To achieve its objectives, AgMIP links strongly to major on-going efforts with public and private partners.