By Jenna Famular

AgMIP, in a recent collaboration with the Geospatial Building Blocks project (GABBs), is developing a geospatial mapping tool to project future climate change scenarios and impacts. The GABBs project will create a web-based system that shares geospatial data that can be used via tools such as AgMIP’s that present the data in a way that projects global issues and concerns.

AgMIP will work with GABBS to model the effect of climate change on historical and future crop yields. The data available via GABBs is freely available but difficult to use. The AgMIP tool processes the data for individuals so that the data is easy to use and can be integrated into many regions and models. The ultimate goal of the project is to create a web-based system that will allow individuals to freely access and easily use geospatial data for the purpose of climate change assessment.

Read more about the collaboration here.