A Lean N Model Hosted in MyGeoHub

May 20, 2022


A new Agriculture Modeling Tool has been added to MyGeoHub. It is an initial effort towards the eventual development of a full-fledged cloud-based agriculture model with real-time decision-making features. The work is a small endeavor that aims to contribute to AgMIP’s work.

MyGeoHub, based on Hubzero cyberinfrastructure platform, supports hosting analytical tools, geospatial modeling, data analysis and visualization for research and education. This new tool is a lean soil Nitrogen model that predicts daily soil Nitrate and Ammonia of agriculture field using the User given Inputs of daily soil moisture content, and Nitrate and Ammonia applications. The hosted tool can be run freely online (no download or local installation is required). 

Feedback on the tool for its future enhancements can be sent to Anupam Bhar at abhar@iastate.edu.

To run the tool, visit https://mygeohub.org/tools/benfeddersen. Click the ‘Launch Tool’ button near top right area of the webpage. (Sign-in with Mygeohub account or freely create an account if not already holding one.)

For details, please refer to Bhar, A., Feddersen, B., Malone, R., & Kumar, R. (2021). Agriculture Model Comparison Framework and MyGeoHub Hosting: Case of Soil Nitrogen. Inventions, 6(2), 25. (https://www.mdpi.com/2411-5134/6/2/25/htm).